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Sun, 1/31/16. The sound is not the sound.

I was again feeling better today, with no fever or headache and much less fatigue. I still have a cough, but I guess all the other stuff was from some weird bacterial thing because the antibiotics seem to be working. After taking it easy this morning, we all went to this Stockhausen thing at the Cite de la Musique, where they had a concert for kids and adults by 3 performers from the Paris Philharmonic, followed by workshops where the kids got to try out and experiment with instruments, and another sort of concert just played by an old man on his laptop. Max and Gemma were bored at that point and Max asked if the man was real or fake, which cracked up Jean and me especially because we weren't 100% sure what the answer was. Everything was very French, meaning silent, serious, and much less playful than it sounded like it would be. For instance, in the workshop, out of like 20 kids playing instruments, there were exactly 3 who played without their parents basically grabbing their hands and showing them how to play "correctly". Two of those kids were Max and Gemma. We let them go to town on their little mini harps. The concert on the computer was very strange and somber, with a voice, maybe Stockhausen's, talking about his philosophy on composition, and stating at one point that he realized "the sound is not the sound". I shouldn't denegrade it; what he was saying actually made a lot of sense and he went on to talk about relative sounds and things like that, but it does give a sense of the tone, which was maybe not ideal for 5 year olds though the event was advertised to be for all ages. Anyway, we had a good time and now afterwards I'm pretty exhausted, so I'm very curious if I'm really over this sickness or not. I don't have fever or headache though, and it could just be the outing and maybe the antiobiotics making me a little tired, so I'm still optimistic.

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Sat, 1/30/16. The French Revolution.

Today I went to the doctor. It went great, was very empty with practically no waiting, and the doctor seemed like she was inclined to just tell me to take advil and cough syrup and see if it goes away, but fortunately I told her this is the worst thing I've ever had, and also she checked my throat and asked if it hurt. I said no, and she said "Really? It's completely red." It genuinely doesn't hurt at all though. Anyway I think that made her take this a little more seriously and she prescribed antibiotics, which I'm on now. This morning, Max was asking about our new diet where we only give them something sugary to eat once a week each. Max said, "So, we don't get any treat tomorrow because of the French Revolution?" Jean was puzzled, and said "Why the French Revolution?" She guessed maybe Max had learned about the line "Let them eat cake", supposedly misattributed to Marie Antoinette, and so she asked him if it was what he meant. Max replied, "No, like in January, we decided on our French Revolution." Then Jean figured out he meant our New Years Resolution.
Update: I'm already feeling soooooo much better! I can't believe it. I guess the anitbiotics worked. It's pretty miraculous. I have no fever, no headache, I have an appetite again, and this incredible fatigue and drowsiness I've had the past 5 days is suddenly completely gone. I still have a cough, but whatev. I'm so excited to be well again! Score one for going to the doctor. While I was resting today, Jean gave Max and Gems this deck of yoga cards shown above and they started playing war with them. There is something deeply ironic about it.

Fri, 1/29/16. No better.
I took it very easy and forced myself to eat yesterday and today but still feel the same as yesterday. I made an appointment with the doctor for tomorrow at 12:45pm.

Thu, 1/28/16. Better.
I feel soooooo much better this morning, after advil and a cold wet towel on my head last night which broke the fever. My cough even seems pretty much gone. I still don't have much appetite and feel kind of weak, but I have no fever and am definitely on the way better. Now I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor or not.

Wed, 1/27/16. Really sick.
I think this is the sickest I've ever been. My fever got really high, and I was sweating and couldn't even think straight. I have no appetite at all and haven't eaten since Tue morning. My head is throbbing. I think I'll go to the doctor tomorrow. Fortunately Jean is taking care of the kids and doing everything because I can't even get out of bed.

Tue, 1/26/16. Sick.
I got really sick tonight, with a fever, nausea and headache. I actually felt fine in the morning and went with Jean to take the kids to dance class, but afterwards I just couldn't get out of bed or do anything.

Mon, 1/25/16. Australian Open.
I'm still trying to get over this hacking cough I've had for the last 10 days or so, that has be coughing like Umpa. So today I just took it really easy and watched the Australian Open as I saw my team of Ferrer, Raonic and Monfils all win and make it to the quarterfinals, solidifying my spot back in the A's. Jean and Dad's teams are also doing pretty well in the A's. I went to the Asian market near us and stocked up on some things there that are half the price of anywhere else, like peanut butter, cashews, and rice. Max and Gems were in a great mood when we picked them up today after school, but I guess were tired because each of them quickly got in a terrible mood as soon as things didn't go exactly their way. All it took for Gemma was Jean hugging Max before she hugged Gemma. Anyway, they snapped out of it quickly. They are very used to their nonsugar diet now and also are saying a very nice and loud bonjour to the directrice of the school every morning, since we told them if they don't do it then we won't bring their trotinettes when we pick them up.

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