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Sun, 02/14/16. Happy Valentine's Day.

Today we took it easy again and celebrated Valentine's Day at home, sleeping in and eating pancakes. Ewelina very nicely invited us to go to lunch with them and to the Chinese New Years parade, but we were too sleepy and Max and Gems are still getting over colds a little bit. Max and Gemma made us terrific Valentines and Jean got them little gifts, including Gemma's nail and makeup kit she went wild with. Gemma even made Max a Valentine, unprodded by Jean and me! Max did not return the favor, though he offered Gemma some of his money he is accumulating. At night Jean made this amazing sole recipe she read on Ina Garten's website and it was so good. I taught the kids how to do various numbers times 3, and it went pretty well. I think they got it.

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Sat, 02/13/16. A taste of Paris.

Tonight Jean and I got a babysitter, Jayne, and went out to celebrate Valentine's Day at this thing called A Taste of Paris at the Grand Palais, where you get to taste these little hors d'oeuvres they send around, for like 8 Euros each. It was amazing, and definitely one of the best meals we've ever had. It got kind of redundant because we just kept saying "You have to try this. It's incredible." I had a minty lamb thing that was fantastic, Jean had one with crackers and fish that was incredible, and there was a beef one with sardines, which probably sounds gross but it was delicious, and then the eclairs, one with mocha and licorice and the other with blackcurrants, were just other worldly. We made a very smart move and shared a hamburger at home before going so we weren't starving. This paid off bigtime because the lines were really long, so you had to wait like 30-45 min for each hors d'oeuvre. To our surprise and delight the French people there were all pleasantly actually waiting in lines nicely rather than mobbing and cutting. However, one woman smashed into Jean and spilled her wine and another woman fell really hard down the stairs right next to us. But all in all it was a really great night. By the way, it's me giving a thumbs up to the desserts in the photo above, and the last photo is of an exercise bicycle connected to a blender so the faster you pedal the faster it mixes.

Fri, 02/12/16. A look back on another rainy day in Paris.
Today the lunchworkers are on strike at Max and Gemma's school, so we had to pick them up at 11:30am. It's kind of amazing how almost every stereotype about Paris is turning out to be true. We've been here 6 months now, and it's interesting to look back on it a little bit. I guess the most notable part was being here during the terrorist attacks in Nov, and seeing how Paris responded by completely and utterly shutting down for 5 days and then subsequently completely going back to business as usual. It has also been interesting being here for some of the kids' milestones, like turning 5, going on a plane for the first time since they were 0, Max reuniting with his best friend Elijah, roller skating for the first time, going on a train and riding the Metro, Max hitting 4 feet tall, learning to ride a scooter, not to mention learning another language, eating all the French food, and going to so many museums. It was also interesting to see Gemma bond with her best friends here, Auri from Finland and Clara who is French. The kids got their Austrian citizenship while we were here, and got passports with these cute photos of them looking very serious on them. Gemma lost her first tooth, and in France instead of the tooth fairy, they have The Little Mouse who takes your tooth and leaves you a little present. We spent lots of holidays here, including Halloween which they don't really celebrate here so we went to the American library which had a huge party, Thanksgiving which also is not celebrated here at all, and Christmas which is huge here as the whole city gets all lit up. We also went on some great trips, one to the South of France, one to London, and one to Vienna. The kids developed a really profound interest in art, and seem quite talented at it which they obviously got straight from me. They also are learning to do the Rubik's cube, and Max has been nurturing a deep and kind of disturbing interest in coins and money. French food was supposed to be good, and did not disappoint the kids and us at all. The kids get a 4 course hot lunch every day at school and love it. They also have discovered crepes, gauffres, and so many pastries but especially our favorite, la buchette de framboise de bois et speculoos.

Not everything has been great though. We had trouble renting our house out, as 3 or 4 different renters said they wanted it and then later pulled out, so it took 3 months to rent out and we almost couldn't afford to stay here any longer. Thankfully we got a renter in the last minute. Another big feature of our time here has been sickness. We were exposed to so many new germs and temperatures much lower than what we're used to, and the kids spent about half the winter with colds. Jean was sick about half the time during our first two months here, and in late Jan I got bronchitis and maybe the highest fever I've ever had. There were also the bureaucratic hurdles that few seem surprised about, but they have been pretty disturbing to us, especially things like having 3 family members send presents for Christmas and having them never arrive, or repeatedly spending 3-4 hours waiting in a police station to get residency status updated, only to have the officer ask for absolutely ridiculous things not on any list of required documents, such as a receipt from the school lunch program.

We have generally been impressed with French culture. Parisians are very nice and surprisingly friendly to Americans, despite the stereotype of the opposite. Most of the rude behavior we have seen has been on the part of American tourists rudely demanding special treatment in English. On the other hand, some French attitudes, especially those toward children, have taken some getting used to. A friend told us that for Parisians, "children should be seen and not heard, and preferably not even seen." This seems true from what we've observed, and it's kind of disturbing. In 6 months here, we have still hardly ever seen a child at a restaurant here, even in casual places. Parisians seem to have an annoyingly strong sense of strict order and quiet, which is surprising as it seems in contrast with the culture that produced Monet and Debussy. As soon as we moved in to our apartment in August, we quickly got driven out by a crazy neighbor who constantly was yelling at us for making too much noise, so we ended up moving to a different apartment in the noisiest part of the city. We've grown accustomed to living in a very small apartment, and have loved not driving at all and instead walking everywhere. I've joined a French basketball league where I'm the only American, and have gone from being underrated to overrated and lately back down to being deservedly lowly rated.

I feel like I am hardly ever working here, but maybe clearing out my brain has been good for me because actually my productivity has exceeded all expectations. I am almost done writing up an idea I got last year for analytically deriving nonparametric estimates for Hawkes models when p=n, and this Fall I came up with what I think is a good idea for a new way of modeling disease epidemics. I've been meeting and working with Marc Hoffmann here at Universite Paris-Dauphine, and he has been great to work with and is really excited about my model idea. It looks like I will soon be achieving my goal of giving a seminar here at Dauphine in French, and next month I'll be keynote speaker at a conference in Amsterdam. I'm also working on a new edition of my undergrad probability book.

I guess the main thing that's happened though is we actually settled in to life here. I think there was a transition after about 6 weeks where we stopped feeling like tourists and living out of suitcases, and then another transition came after around 4 or 5 months where we genuinely started feeling like we actually live here. The excitement of going to museums and eating at French restaurants started wearing off, but on the other hand, we feel like we really understand what it is to call Paris home, and walking around and seeing all the beautiful sights still has not lost its luster with us.

Thu, 02/11/16. Performance art.
Today Max and Gems went to school, and after Jean's French class, Jean and I went to see this performance art by an American named Daniel Linehan at the Musee Picasso. It was good, and very strange. Linehan looked about 20 years old but I guess he's 34. He would go through the museum, have us look at a particular Picasso artwork, and then play music on his iphone and do a dance inspired by the art. He was pretty good actually. The audience was kind of annoying but otherwise it was good. I'm always surprised by how people feel the need to cough during quiet musical things. In fact sometimes it seems like the more interesting, novel, and inspiring the work is, the more people need to cough at it. I really think "at it" is the appropriate word, because it really is a rude and aggressive act. I had frickin bronchitis a couple weeks ago and I could easy go an hour without coughing. Anyway, after the show we had lunch in the Picasso cafe and were talking about politics, and how this hilarious woman on Larry Wilmore was explaining the Trump phenomenon, saying how America is like a high school girl who is attacted to the jerk bully in the class. The guy at the table next to us started talking to us and he turned out to be an American mediator here for a mediator conference, and we talked politics with him for a while. Banque Paribas, who has been pretty terrible to work with so far, nicely apologized by setting up accounts for Max and Gemma with 10 Euros each in them. When I picked up Max and Gems from school, we learned that their school break doesn't start this Fri but the next Fri. We had talked about going to Disneyland with them this coming week so now that will have to be delayed, which they're not too happy about. Jean introduced me to the show Mozart in the Jungle, and I was just telling Jean how I like almost all the scenes on the show except for those involving the main character, Rodrigo, because the actor totally overacts like he's doing a bad impression of Tom Hulce in Amadeus. Today I found out that actor won the Emmy for best actor in a tv show.

Wed, 02/10/16. Book club.

Today the kids stayed home to try to get over their colds, and it seemed to work as they are feeling better now. Jean went to her first book club meeting today with her American women in Paris group, and said it went well though nobody liked the book except Jean. Meanwhile I took Max and Gems to this storytime reading right down the street, and they loved it. There were only 5 kids there including them, and the British woman named Kate read some books in English and sang songs. Tonight I played basketball for the first time in 3 weeks and played the worst I've played all year I think. I made so many turnovers and missed almost all my shots. I also think I sprained my finger but it's pretty mild. Above are some of Maxie's art works from his school folder. We still haven't received any of the 3 packages we know were sent to us by family members in early December, more than 2 months ago. I've gone to the post office several times to ask about it but they don't seem to know anything about them.

Tue, 02/09/16. Conferences.

Today the kids still had runny nosies so they stayed home in the pouring rain and ate burgers and watched Tayo the Bus. Jean went to this meeting of American women in Paris right near where we live and apparently was by far the youngest there. One woman from San Diego has been living in Paris for 10 years and is going back to San Diego this summer. Jean asked if she will miss Paris and she said "Not at all." She couldn't wait to go back. We both feel like it will be very bittersweet to go back home. I went to the conference with Max's teacher, Madame Laurent, and it went great. She said he doesn't speak much but he loves to sing and even gets the words right when he sings, and she said he's amazing at art and math, and has his own unique style of art. She was confused why lately he has been making sketches where he very carefully writes what look like scribbles going vertically down the page. She thought maybe it was supposed to be Korean, and I said I didn't think so but it turns out she might have been right. Apparently Jean told him that sometimes in Korean they write things vertically and Max seems to have been very intrigued by the idea. When I asked Max about it he said it was "Maxie language". Madame Laurent said Max is behind in writing and reading but is great otherwise. I asked if he's lonely because every day after school when I ask him who he played with, he says "nobody", but she said he's very popular in the class, and is especially friends with Nathan, Timothe, Siriuse, and Joseph Kail. We don't know any of them. She also showed me this binder with Max's drawings and stuff and she showed me a couple she said she was shocked by, where he made these pictures all in dots. On one the assignment was just to draw a man, and nobody else in the class did it anything like Max's pointilism creation. He especially loves to make circles or other shapes outlined in one color and then he colors them in a different color. Today Max drew these curves shown above which he says is the song "Little Bastard" by the Assponys and told us to sing it. The bumps represent when the song is supposed to go up or down. Gems had to miss her field trip today because she was sick, but we told her we will make it up to her with our own special field trip next week when they're off school. Maybe we'll go to Disneyland again. I also had the PTA meeting with Gems's class tonight but there wasn't much to report from it. I'm gonna be the keynote speaker at a conference in Amsterdam in Apr and we're gonna make a little Dutch trip out of it.

Mon, 02/08/16. Snoring, Dauphine, and Colds.

Max and Gems still had runny noses last night so we weren't sure whether they were gonna go to school today. Last night I was snoring so Jean couldn't sleep at all. The kids woke up feeling pretty good so I got them ready for school and took them, and then went to meet Marc Hoffmann at Dauphine. He's always so nice and we had a really good meeting. He might set up a talk for me to give there. Anyway, when I got back there was a message from the school that Gems is tired and sick, so I picked her and Max up a little early and they're just resting and watching Peg Plus Cat now. I'm not sure what is gonna happen tomorrow. It was supposed to be the field trip day for Gemma's class, and we were gonna go and be chaperones on the way to the Picasso exhibit at the Grand Palais. But, if they're not feeling well, obviously we can't go. Tomorrow is also ballet day as well as the day of Max's conference with the teacher in the afternoon, and the PTA meeting at night in Gemma's class. By the way, when I went to pick up the kids, I had to sign in and right before me was a signature from Julien who had apparently picked up Clara from Gemma's class, also due to sickness.

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