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Sun, 04/03/16. Sick day.

Today both Max and Gems were a little under the weather, with Max especially blowing his nose and Gems also having congestion and having cold sores on her gums. So today we took it easy again, making a recipe book, making lemonade and taking photos around the apartment. I predict Max is going to be a director. He is super bossy and artistic, and loves taking pictures. Max and Gems have somehow learned that kids sometimes make and sell lemonade, and because of their (esp Max's) obsession with money, they now are consumed with the idea of making and selling lemonade when we get back to the U.S. or maybe trying it here. So today they practiced. Max kept saying "it's too sweet" and then adding more sugar. I asked Max and Gems what their favorite things to do in Paris are, besides eating sweets, and Gemma said "riding our trotinettes". Max said "Yeah, I like riding my trotinette too". Gemma said "Actually I like going to museums better." Max said "Boring."

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Sat, 04/02/16. Pajama day.
I think today was our Millie and Serena hangover day. We all just felt tired today and hung around the apartment in our pajamas all day. I mailed off my tax payments but I'm not sure if or when they will get to the U.S. given how the mail works here. Max and Gems invented a game where they stack all the couch cushions on top of one another and climb to the top of the mountain and then fall off onto the couch. They kept doing it over and over.

Fri, 04/01/16. La Voix.
Jean sent in a video of Max and Gemma singing to La Voix, the French version of The Voice, and today they called us and they want them to come in next month for an audition! In other news, Millie and Serena left this morning, and in the afternoon we went to this cake place on Rue Monge called Aux Merveilleux and got a bunch of the delicious merengue cakes called things like Le Merveilleux, L'excentrique, L'incroyable, and Sans Cullottes. They were incredibly delicious. We also went to the park across the street and played fishing and fishmobile. At night I played some of the worst basketball I can remember playing but it was fun nevertheless.

Thu, 03/31/16. Ellsworth.
Today after sleeping in again, Millie and Serena went and climbed up the Notre Dame all the way to the bell and heard it ring while they were there. We then all went to always delicious Ellsworth, where their ice cream dessert with merengue and cookie bottom was one of Jean's favorite desserts ever and Millie and Serena loved it too. Afterwards Mil and Serena went to their home base, la Tour Eiffel, where they've gone every day they've been here other than day 1. They've seen it from the bottom during the day, then at night, then went back to see it twinkling at night and to climb it to the middle. Today they were determined to make it to the top, during the day, but for some reason when they got there it was closed. Instead they went to the Picasso and Pompidou museums and ate ice cream at Grom. Despite the rainy weather, Serena and Millie have been troopers and are very energetically and cheerfully taking in lots of key sites. I think Serena, who'd never been outside of the U.S. before, is getting a good crash course on Paris, having been up the Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower and to the Louvre, the Champs Elysees, l'Arc de Triomphe, a concert at the Sainte Chapelle, the Musee d'Orsay, Versailles, the Bon Marche, Place Vendome, various shopping places, a ballet at the Opera Bastille, the Picasso museum, the Pompidou museum, and a bunch of delicious restaurants, all in 5 days.

Wed, 03/30/16. Versailles.

Today I went all out for Jean's birthday and decided to get her this little piece of real estate about 45 min outside Paris, called Versailles. But first we had to check it out. Actually in the morning while Jean slept in, the kids were so excited for Jean's birthday they decorated the apartment with balloons and tape. They then gave Jean their birthday presents which were books of their best drawings. She also got shoes and earrings from me. The kids then went roller blading on toy trucks while we ate breakfast, and then we left for Versailles. The chateau was very cool and we wandered around leisurely and had a nice little lunch there at Angelina's, and then wandered around the gardens looking for Marie Antoinette's palace but must have taken a wrong turn somewhere and just wandered and wandered for a long time before heading back. Jean, Max, Gemma and I were exhausted and went home but Millie and Serena still had enough energy to go back to la Tour Eiffel, which they seem to be going to every night, as they want to see it sparkle and still need to throw a paper airplane off of it. Millie and Serena are the best houseguests ever, totally bonding with Max and Gemma and they're so unassuming and easy to hang out with. We're all having a really good week.

Tue, 03/29/16. Romeo and Juliet.
After the busy last couple of days, we needed a rest today and took it easy in the morning, just hanging around our apartment and talking. We were going to go to the concert at the Musee D'Orsay, but by the time we got our act together we decided it wasn't worth rushing down there for the short concert, so Jean and I stayed home and napped while Millie and Serena took off to continue their Parisian tour, hitting la Tour Eiffel, the Musee d'Orsay, Place Vendome and the Bon Marche, and then in the evening Jean met up with them to see the ballet Romeo and Juliet. After the ballet they got a cheeseplate at a restaurant and some 40 year old French guy who was seated next to them started talking to them, and Jean mentioned she was here with her husband who's on sabbatical, and the guy joked "Your husband? Never mind then".

Mon, 03/28/16. Bateau Mouche.

Today was Millie's birthday and though last night she thought about getting up early and seizing the day, she and Serena ended up having trouble falling asleep and slept past 11am. Today's a school holiday for Max and Gems, Easter Monday, so all six of us went to lunch at Le Loir dans le Theiere, and shared the lemon meringue and mango pies. In the afternoon, Millie and Serena went to the arc de triomphe and champs elysees, and we hung out at home before the babysitter Jayne came at night and Jean and I went with Millie and Serena to La Cigale for delicious souffles and then for a ride on the bateau mouche. At La Cigale the chef came out to talk to us beforehand and told me in very broken English "You are lucky!" as I was surrounded by 3 beautiful women in Jean, Millie and Serena. He then went on to give us his interesting take on American politics. Anyway the souffles were delicious and we all disagreed on which was the best, the chocolate, the salted caramel, or the pistachio. It was freezing and raining tonight, and hailed during the day, but we enjoyed the bateau mouche anyway and were joking around and laughing the whole night.

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