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Sun, 04/10/16. More skyping.

Today Jean went on a walking tour of the Marais with Kim and Elisa while I stayed home with Max and Gemma who are still recovering and a little under the weather, especially Gems. At night we skyped with Magnus and then Ella, which the kids loved. Yesterday Max ordered me "Mets ca dans la boite au tresor" so quickly and fluidly I thought he was just babbling, as he sometimes does. On the third time I got what he was saying. They have no confidence at all but they do know more French than they let on.

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Sat, 04/09/16. Visitors and skype calls.
Today Kim and Elisa came over and brought delicious pastries for us, and discussed last night and how when they were eating they saw a huge fistfight between two French possibly homeless guys, and it lasted a long time and then finally the police came and just talked to the men for like an hour and never seemed to do anything like give a ticket or arrest them or anything. Kim showed Max and especially Gemma pictures of her many trips and animals she's seen, like the penguins in antarctica. Max was very shy but Gemma gravitated to them immediately. Later Jean went out and about with Kim and Elisa while I stayed home with the kids. Gemma is feeling better but still not completely healthy. In the evening we did a lot of drawing and skyping, with calls to Jennifer and briefly Elijah before my computer froze.

Fri, 04/08/16. Ellen, Kim, and Elisa.

We suddenly have visitors galore, as Jean's SMC colleagues Kim and Elisa arrived today, and also Jean met her other SMC colleague Ellen and her husband for lunch today. Ellen has given us tons of great restaurant recommendations and today Jean met her at a Corsican place near us that Jean said they all liked. Meanwhile I stayed home with Gems who was sick again today with a slight fever, as usual. Max went to school though and is fine. In the evening Jean met up with Kim and Elisa for dinner, and I think Jean's friend Judith arrives tomorrow. So Jean is suddenly very popular. On Tuesday Gemma's class has a field trip right near dance class, and I'd signed up to voluntarily accompany the kids, so today I asked if I could take Gemma and leave for dance class at the end instead of riding the bus back with the rest of the class. It seems like a reasonable request, right? If you've been reading this blog at all you already know what the answer was. I asked in French though, I swear! The first and second photos are Max's latest drawing which Jean thinks looks like a Joan Miro, and an actual Miro. Can you tell which is which?

Thu, 04/07/16. Joseph Kail.

Not much happened today. Today both Gemma's class and Maxie's class were supposed to go on a field trip but it got cancelled. In the evening Max became obsessed with drawing speakers like the one above and taping them on the wall. He climbed onto the writing table and taped one like 7 feet high on the wall. At school, Max said Joseph Kail, the biggest kid and therefore the boss of the school, played with Max during recess. Gemma was furious because she doesn't like Joseph Kail and thinks he's too rough, so she was upset that Maxie didn't play with her. Both kids are really looking forward to the next break from school in a week and a day.

Wed, 04/06/16. Pizza.

Today while the kids were in school I went with Jean to the doctor, and of their 7 or 8 general practitioners of course we got Dr. Amelie Maitre, the one who refused to write a letter for Gemma to miss school a couple weeks ago. She looked at Jean's ear and prescribed some drops for her irritation in her ear. Jean was surprised later about her complete lack of niceness and I thought Dr. Maitre was much nicer than I expected and much nicer than she'd been last time. After school I took Max and Gems to the pizza place down the street and although it was extremely quiet inside and a man was silently eating and reading right next to us, the kids were really good and we even got compliments about how good they were. Usually we just get angry disapproving glares, so I think we're gonna be going back to that pizza place again sometime. In the afternoon and evening we just hung around the apartment doing various things like watching videos, making treasure maps, and doing various arts and crafts like this necklace Gemma made out of clothespins, shown above.

Tue, 04/05/16. Ballet wipeout.
Today the kids stayed home from school again. Max is basically better but Gems still has a slight fever, and Jean has pain in her ear. This has definitely been the most unhealthy year we've ever experienced. I'm not sure if it's all the new-to-us French germs, or the pollution, or what. I was just writing Melz about what tv shows the kids like to watch. Here they are, roughly in order of their preference.
Curious George
Clifford's Puppy Days
Doc McStuffins
Bananas in Pyjamas
Tayo the Bus
Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood
Sesame Street
Dinosaur Train.
They also like watching The Voice and Top Chef Junior too.
I took Max to dance class today while Jean stayed home with Gems, and on the way Max had two falls, one of them a big one where he started crying and I was a little behind, and this woman came up to Max and started asking him in French if we has ok. He turned out to be fine fortunately. While he was at dance, I got some books and dvds at the library. I noticed that about 90% of the kids books there are about animals. I wonder if it's like that in the U.S. too. By the way it was a beautiful day today, 72 degrees and sunny. On my way back from basketball, right near our apartment there was some kind of rally, or "manif" as they call it here, and I saw more police than I've ever seen in my life. I have no idea what the manif was about.

Mon, 04/04/16. Kleenex boxes everywhere.
Today was a nice, beautiful sunny day. It was a perfect day to spend the entire day inside taking care of two slightly sick kids. Actually I went out briefly in the evening to go for a jog to the jardin des plantes and back, my first time ever jogging here, and it felt great. There are so many cool landmarks which make it really easy to motivate yourself to keep going. Maybe I'll start jogging more.

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