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Sun, 05/15/16. Skating at La Defense.

Today we went to La Defense, where Max and Gemma roller bladed for a while, then we ate sushi you grab off a conveyor belt for lunch, after which we saw Kung Fu Panda 3. I fell asleep after about 15 minutes but the others liked it. On the way there and back, Max and Gemma got to be right in the front of the Metro 1, which lets them feel as though they're driving it. Tomorrow we're going to Roland Garros so tonight I tried to teach Max and Gems all about tennis scoring. At home Max and Gems were handcuffing their ankles together as shown in the 2nd to last photo above.

Sat, 05/14/16. The Yasamines and the Judes.

Today we went to the Jardin Luxembourg to meet up with Amelie from dance class and her siblings Jude and Hugo and parents Amy and Kris. While hanging out at the park before they arrived, we ran into Yasamin and her family, brother Abdullah, and little sister Liana, and parents Nazanine and Yusef. They all live in the 16th and speak English, and both families have 3 kids of similar ages, so we thought they should meet each other, and it turns out they already knew each other, having met at various parks. In fact they had hung out together just last weekend! It was cold so we left the park after a little while and got crepes and hot chocolate, and Jean made a delicious cheese souffle for dinner.

Fri, 05/13/16. Le Monde Arabe.

Today while the kids were in school Jean and I went to le Musee du Monde Arabe, which was pretty cool with lots of old artifacts. There's one part on Jewish relics from the Middle East, like really old calendar and sundial type things, and Jean said she heard Jewish women invented calendars because they were trying to track their menstrual cycles. I responded that it was probably their husbands who were trying to track them. It's been wet and muggy here so none of our laundry is drying and it is hanging all over our house. Today after school we all were feeling tired and lazy so we just hung out at home. Gemma and Max love watching this show called Telmo and Tula these days, and when left to their own devices they kind of act like Telmo and Tula, inventing these weird things and trying to make all kind of crafts out of things around the house.

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Thu, 05/12/16. Good morning Vietnam.
Today Jean and I went to the Vietnamese place for lunch while the kids were in school, after Jean's 2nd to last French class. It's already mid May and although it is warm now, it has been raining every day. There have only really been a few days with what I'd call nice weather since October. We both think October was probably our best month here. April was great but we were hardly in Paris for it. We're still debating what to do in July. Max and Gemma seem to be enjoying school a little more lately, and most of their whining is about Max not wanting to play with Gemma sometimes during playtime. Max likes just doing his own thing. Gemma said she doesn't want to be a grown up. I asked why not, and she said grown ups have to take care of kids, which is hard. She just wants to be a kid.

Wed, 05/11/16. Amorino.
After a two day post-Wien sugar detox, it was time for their Wednesday treat so I took them to Amorino for an ice cream. It was drizzling today so there was no line. Gemma got mangue, framboise, et chocolat, and Maxie got mangue et fraise. I got mangue et mandarine strachiatelli, which I'd never had before and it was delicious. On the way back it was raining hard and we got all wet.

Tue, 05/10/16. Clara.

Clara's mom, Ewelina, just got a new job, and their nanny couldn't pick up Clara til 330pm, so we took Clara after school and kept her til the nanny came. The kids loved it and played lots of tennis in the apartment. Clara was giggling and laughing the whole time. She is an only child and I think she liked getting to play with other kids. I then took the kids to dance class on their trotinettes while Jean cooked dinner, and I played basketball tonight but there was one guy named Lorenzo who was such a ballhog and unfortunately he was on my team. I think I'm just gonna refuse to play on his team next time.

Mon, 05/09/16. Work work work.
Today was all about work for me. My publisher is on my case about getting the new edition of my book by June 1. Meanwhile I have students graduating and 2 papers I'm working on and need to finish soon. After school the kids came home with lots of news about other kids. Gemma played with Auri during recess. Claire broke her leg over the break, and her twin sister Camille ordered Max to only have one slice of apple today at lunch. Clara's mother Ewelina got a new job, and Clara's dad Julien asked us if we could babysit Clara a little bit after school tomorrow. There's gonna be a final sortie in each of Gemma's and Max's classes, in June, and Clara's having a birthday party with a Petit Prince theme on June 11.

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