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Sun, 06/05/15. Pas de Monnaie.
Jean stayed in bed all day trying to get over her cold, while I took Max and Gems to le Musee de la Monnaie, which the internet said was open but it was closed and under construction for several more months. Anyway Max and Gemma enjoyed seeing the few coins on the side of the building, and later we went to Grom and to the park. They liked Grom but everyone agreed it was not as good as Amorino, and the park was fun. My ankle is good enough now that I could race Max on his scooter and we had fun playing chase where Max and Gemma team up to try to chase me. Max and Gemma have been watching a lot of cooking shows with Jean, and today Max was pretending to be a chef. He asked us "Are you manging a la cantine?"

Sat, 06/04/16. Flooding and Pompidou.

Today Nan and Julie woke up bright and early and left. They might have been our last visitors here, depending on whether Gemma's friend Jennifer visits or not. The Seine is at its highest point since 1976 or something, and has been flooding in places, so the Louvre and d'Orsay are closed as they are trying to protect the art. Some metros and RERs are closed too. You can see in the last photo above how small the opening is under the bridge. Usually there would be plenty of room for boats to go down but not now. Jean is sick now, so I took Max and Gems to the Pompidou museum. They got to play on their scooters a lot and we went in the museum looking for a Kandinsky room which supposedly mentioned Arnold Schoenberg, and found the Kandinsky room but no mention of Arnold. We then went outside and there was a huge parade, I think for the big soccer tournament, and Max and Gemma really enjoyed just watching it.

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Fri, 06/03/16. Giverny.

Today we took the kids out of school and all 6 of us went on a bus tour of Giverny. Actually first we went out to eat at La Cigale, which was a little adult for the kids but we loved it, and then went to Giverny, which was beautiful, huge, and a lot more fun than I anticipated. It was extremely easy to identify the scenes from Monet's paintings, and a lot of fun to stroll around the place. It felt a little like we were in an episode of The Magic Schoolbus and had magically driven into one of Monet's paintings. Max and Gemma seemed to really enjoy it too. Gemma said "I feel like I stepped into a painting." At La Cigale, the chef took Max, Gemma and me into the kitchen with him and showed them how they make the souffles and his photos of the Clintons, Bushes, and Obamas with him. We're all tired after a busy week, but I think Julie and Nan had a good time as did we.

Thu, 06/02/16. Rest and tennis.

Today Nan and Julie went to Roland Garros and had a great time, getting right in with no waiting in line and seeing Djokovic and Serena win in the stadium court. Meanwhile, the day was so cold, wet and windy, we decided to bag on the picnic day organized by Max and Gemma's school and instead we 4 just played hookie, relaxed, did lots of laundry, and packed suitcases for Nan to take back for us on Saturday.

Wed, 06/01/16. Chorale.

Today was the chorale concert and it did not disappoint Max and Gems sang all the 10 or so songs all in French and the whole class did really well. We got great photos despite the mad crush of parents trying to watch and take videos, and it was a really fun experience. The songs sounded so different and much less jazzy than when Max and Gemma practiced them at home. Clara was a real ham sandwich, doing a 360 spin at one point and really hilariously playing to the camera. At night, Jean and I went to see the opera Lear with Eva, while Nan and Jayne babysat. Julie meanwhile was visiting Normandie all day. The opera was really weird and Germanic. We all liked the music, but the direction was crazy, with vampires and homeless looking people, films of closeups of skin in the background, and a fully naked 70 year old silent man in the corner for no reason. I always find such direction very distracting, and Lear is so plot heavy it's hard enough to follow as it is, but the opera was really enjoyable anyway because the music was so interesting and emotional, and the performances were great.

Tue, 05/31/16. Macaroons.
Today while the kids were in school, I just slept and got over my cold, while Jean, Julie and Nan went to a concert at the Musee D'Orsay, their last one of the year, and then Nan came back home while Julie and Jean went to a macaroon cooking class. Their macaroons were really good. They looked professional and tasted delicious. At night, Julie and Nan went to another concert at the Sainte Chappelle, with what sounded like a showy and unconventional performance of Vivaldi's 4 Seasons and other greatest hits. It rained all day again today and they it will rain on and off all week.

Mon, 05/30/16. Pierre.

I was sick today and just tried to sleep and get better. Meanwhile Julie and Nan went to the Cluny museum and then wanted to go to the Louis Vitton Museum, but they just got in a cab and said "Louis Vitton" and the driver took them to the Louis Vitton store on the Champs Elysees. So they had to take another taxi to the museum. Then tonight Jayne came to babysit the kids and we 4 went out to this delicious restaurant called Pierre Sang, where Pierre himself greeted us and then we got this delicious 6 course dinner where one thing was better than the next. Jayne told us she recently got engaged to her boyfriend back home and is counting down the 34 days left until she goes back home. Meanwhile the family she's nannying for just told her they're getting divorced. Nan got Max and Gemma all these books and word cards, and Max and Gemma are spelling out these huge sentences on the floor with his word cards. Right now it says on the floor "than out or of who what we time not my into little will if we are will go" right in front of me. Julie was asking Max what he had for lunch at school and he described it in great detail, saying "For starters we had beets and carrots...."

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