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Sun, 06/26/16. Ballet performance.

Today was the dance final rehearsal and then performance. Max and Gemma were bumblebees and really did great. Max was the first bumblebee out. They were both so brave and really danced well. A lot of effort went into making sure Gemma's hair, makeup and costume were just right, following the directions in this long email that said near the bottom something like "For boys, never mind." In between the rehearsal and the performance, we got lunch with the Finns, and were a little later joined by English Chris and his daughter whose name I forget, and our Aussie friends Amy and Chris and their 3 kids, Amelie who's in the dance class, Jude who talked only about Back to the Future 3, and Hugo who's 10 months old. At night, we got Jayne to babysit for her last time and Jean and I went out and walked all around Paris, to the Quai d'Orsay and over the bridge to the Concorde, stopping for a bite in a Korean restaurant, and then by the Louvre and back to our place along the Seine. It was a beautiful day today again and I'm glad we really took advantage of it. I think this year has made us appreciate good weather more.

Sat, 06/25/16. Zadig's birthday.

Today we went to the park and botanical gardens right near Roland Garros, which was on Jean's short list of stuff she still wanted to do before we left Paris. At the park, Max played soccer with some French kids and held his own with them, even though they were older and French. Jean was looking from afar and saw them playing and remarked how good they were before realizing one was Maxie. We then went to Zadig's birthday party in the afternoon. We thought it was at Park Citroen, but Aurelie had forgotten to tell us she'd changed it to her apartment, so we looked around Parc Citroen which was really cool with a huge hot air balloon and splash pad, and cool ramp Max and Gemma used for trotinnetting. The weather was beautiful all day today and is supposed to be nice all week. Zadig's party was great, with about 10 boys and Gemma romping around and lots of delicious homemade cakes and little toys to play with. There are soccer hooligans all over the city, cheering and yelling out songs. I thought maybe the UK's exiting the EU would have made people somber but I guess not.

Fri, 06/24/16. Stapler.

We are counting down the days. The kids will go to school 5 more times. Jennifer is coming in 7 days. We will see Elijah in 21 days. We will be back in LA in 26 days. Today after school, Jean gave the kids some gifts she brought back from Africa, including a 50 billion dollar bill from Zimbabwe. It's worth 15 cents. Max loves it but even better was the stapler she got him. He's been going around the apartment stapling all his art works together to make "magazines". He also got a ruler today and loves it. It has instructions on it and we figured out how to make circles and squares with it. It was another nice, rainless day here. We have a busy weekeend planned, with Zadig's birthday tomorrow and the dance final rehearsal and recital on Sunday.

Thu, 06/23/16. Heat wave.
Today it was boiling hot, with a high of around 84 degrees. I went jogging around the jardin des plantes in the morning when it was cooler, and then just stayed inside and got lots of work done, including finishing a draft of my paper I've been working on with Marc Hoffmann here, as well as a grant summary, some work with Yan Kagan, and a letter of rec. After I picked up the kids from school, we hung around the apartment and decorated it a bit for Mama's welcome home celebration. She gets back from her African safari tonight around 10pm.

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Wed, 06/22/16.
Whew, I'm tired after a long day with the kids. They were kind of rowdy today. After school we went out to the cheap sushi place down the street for lunch, and then for their biweekly treat we shared a nutella and a citron crepe among the 3 of us. We then went to the Beaubourg where the kids scooted their trottinettes down the hill a million miles and hour, and went into the library. The video games were not too good as it was impossible to figure out how to play them. One was Ghostbusters, and another was some fighting thing where you have a cannon that shoots grenades and Max called the grenades "tomatoes". We did some Mrs. Paint upstairs in the library, and for a minute while I was helping Gemma, Max decided to walk way down the hallway and I couldn't find him anywhere. I couldn't scream out for him because we were in a crowded and silent library, and after a minute Max calmly came back, but if it were a minute more I would have started yelling I guess. A man sitting next to Gemma in the library was writing down the first 7 letters of the last names of the top 100 men's and women's tennis players in the world, copying off the internet so meticulously and carefully it was stunning. It must have taken him hours. I have no idea what the purpose could have been. At home we read some books and magazines, and somehow the kids got me to promise to make them toast and eggs in the shape of penguins tomorrow morning. By the way I love the hot rain we had today. It was like 80 degrees all day with just a slight drizzle in the afternoon, which was really nice. I'd probably get tired of it eventually but for now I really like it. The rain cools you off just a little and it feels great. Plus, other people don't seem crazy about it so the streets get a lot emptier.

Tue, 06/21/16. Last dance.
Today while the kids were in school, after the usual errands, I went for a jog to the Quai D'Orsay to see if the monkey bars and stuff were there, as they were last summer and Fall, and sure enough the monkey bars and rock climbing wall were still there, above water. There weren't any of the tennis and other games we saw last year though, probably because of all the rain. After school Clara came over and then we went to dance class for the last one of the year. The teacher is strict. I saw her chewing out Auri for walking back to her chair with bad posture after a dance. Max is kind of the leader of the class. He goes first and it is kind of like Lord of the Dance where it's him surrounded by about 16 girls. Today was some kind of music festival all over Paris and right now there is tons of music playing in the street. The noise in Paris is getting to Eva, who has taken to wearing earplugs just when walking around town.

Mon, 06/20/16. Merci, Bercy.
Since basketball is over and we're leaving Paris so soon, I've decided to start jogging as a way to get exercise and see the city a little, so today I jogged to Park Bercy and back, which was a little under 5 miles, while the kids were in school. It was drizzling as usual which was great for jogging because the streets weren't crowded and it wasn't too hot. It sure is a beautiful city and it's incredible how beautiful every little corner of it is, even off the beaten path. I went by the Seine for most of it but the Quai was flooded so I had to change routes. The kids are very excited about upcoming things: Mama's back in 3 days, then 9 days later Jennifer is coming, and then a few days later school is out and then shortly thereafter we're coming home.

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