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Sun, 10/25/15. Sick Gems and Pompidou.
Gems is still sick today and we thought about taking her to a hospital or calling the housecall doctor but it seems like a doctor making a housecall would have limited tools at their disposal to actually do anything, and I read a yelp review about one of the only hospitals in Paris that's open on Sun and the woman said she had to wait 6 hours and then they said to come back tomorrow. So we opted for just a cozy day at home with lots of drinking water, and maybe we will go to the doctor tomorrow. Gems's diarrhea is still bad and she even pooped in her pants a couple times but her fever is down again and she seems like she is getting a little better. I took Max to the Pompidou to tire him out a little. He had the usual good time playing the video games and playing Mrs. Paint, and they had a cool exhibit downstairs with hundreds of little sugar cubes and people were making statues out of them. All the statues were perfect and very symmetrical except Max's blob with two blobs on top of it, and he said "It's the Notre Dame".

Sat, 10/24/15. Back to Paris.
Today we took the Chunnel train back to Paris. Gems's fever went way down in the night but in the morning she still had the same fever she's had the past 4 days. She is starting to eat a little and drink a lot but is still a long way from her normal, healthy self. Max is infatuated with the gum he got from Marlena, as well as the Norwegian coins with holes in the middle she gave him, and the other coins he accumulated in London. I told him after he gets 10 coins he can use them to buy a crepe in Paris, and he was very excited about it and told Gems first thing this morning, starting with "Hey Gemma, this is exciting." In the morning I took him to the playground for a last jump on the pirate ship, and on the way we passed an empty balloon helium tank sitting in the street. I asked Max if he knew what it was and he said it was an "open ballooner". The other day we passed an old telephone booth on a sidewalk in London, and Max thought it was a shower. It does kinda look like one. The train was really nice by the way. I think the standard seats were sold out because our seats were very luxurious and they served us delicious food. We got there early for once and it was nice not having to rush onto the train. We finished the first Harry Potter book today. Now onto the next one I suppose. I'm not sure if any of us likes the books, but they do seem to put us all to sleep nicely.

Fri, 10/23/15. So long to Mima and Mars.

Today Jean and I stayed with Gems while Mima and Mars took Maxie and went to the Tate modern museum, and they also got to see Buckingham Palace and Big Ben a little bit. There was an artist named Nam June Paik who had an art work there with a soundtrack playing Verklarte Nacht. So maybe there is another Paik Schoenberg out there. Jean and I cancelled our flights to Ireland and got train tickets back to Paris for tomorrow. Then Mima babysat both kids while Mars, Jean and I went to the Ai Wei Wei exhibit which was amazing. Mars said he's her new favorite artist. Kala would have really liked it too. Apparently Kala is this blog's biggest fan so I'm gonna try to have lots of Kala shoutouts from now on. Our realtor Ed is writing up a contract with our renter which I'm very excited and relieved about. Gems is still very sick but getting gradually better we think. At night we said our sad goodbyes to Mima and Aunt Mars. These few days went by so fast.

Thu, 10/22/15. David T.

Today Gems was sick again and threw up twice, the poor thing. On the bright side, I took Max back to the Kensington Gardens playground with Aunt Mars and Mima and we had a great time. Max loves jumping off the pirate ship, spinning on the wheels, and playing the drums. Aunt Mars told Max the story of how on Mila and Kala's birthday, they went to the Cheesecake Factory and Randy ordered vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Max was enthralled and had her tell the story about 10 times with more and more details each time. Eventually Aunt Mars turned it into an opera. In the afternoon, Mima watched Gems while Jean and I went out for lunch and got some wine and trinkets for David Teitelbaum's kids, and then at night, Mars, Mima, Max and I went over to David's for dinner. Their place was an absolute palace and what I thought would be a little informal dinner turned out to be a feast for a king. It was amazingly beautiful and elegant. Fortunately Max was on good behavior, and it was fun not only talking to David and Sayoko but also getting to interact a little with Teddy, who's 4 and a half, and Asher, who just turned 2. It was incredible how down to Earth, humble and unassuming David and Sayoko were, as despite having this extremely luxurious setup and army of housekeepers, they really didn't seem to feel superior or haughty at all. Teddy looks just like David and has a thick proper British accent. He has to wear a tie and hat to school every day as part of his uniform. They also have a 9 month old girl Aya but she was sleeping. It's amazing that David and I have remained friends for 40 years now. Marlena and Mima sang "If you know me, you know I'm great" and Marlena asked him if he has his Lamborghini Countash and Camel hair coat yet. He comes to Paris often so hopefully we will see him again there. Max and I almost got hit by a car and also Jean almost got run over by a taxi before I reached out and saved her life. It is hard to remember to look the right way in the streets here.

Wed, 10/21/15. 3 Dinosaurs in the Country.
Today, Gems woke up with a fever and stayed in bed. Mima, Max and I went to the Natural History Museum in the drizzling rain. The Natural Hist museum was great, with huge animatronic dinosaurs. It was incredibly crowded though. At night, Mima watched the kids while Jean and I went to a great play called 3 Days in the Country by Patrick Marber. It was incredibly well acted and a fantastic play, though kind of depressing. We both loved it. At night, when we got back, Aunt Mars arrived! We have a renter who is interested and submitted an application for our house finally, so we are very excited and relieved about it.

Tue, 10/20/15. Kensington Gardens.

Today we walked to and all around Kensington Garden, looking first at Kensington Palace where Queen Victoria lived before being Queen, and then we found this great kids playground area named after Princess Diana. Max and Gems had a blast there, especially on the huge pirate ship in the sand and the spinning wheel. We spent hours there, and then went to the Princess Diana Memorial and the Royal Albert Hall and monument. It was a great day and thoroughly tiring for all of us. Mima's foray into European languages has expanded as she continued her Italian and Spanish with our waiters, spoke German with Inge Loos whom we ran into in our hotel, and French with Max and Gems. Although we've been having a really good time, English people seem kinda rude to me. The English guy at customs was definitely the rudest person I've met this whole time in Europe, and today this woman seemed to be very nicely giving a ride in her golf cart but then demanded a donation at the end, but we only gave her 2 pounds and later we saw her circling around and she just zoomed by us. Tomorrow Max wants to go back to the playground, but it's supposed to rain so we're not sure. It might be a museum day instead. Max gave us two choices, either to go to the playground for 4 hours or 5 hours.

Mon, 10/19/15. Chunnel and Mima.
Today, after barely getting by the extremely mean British passport control guy in Paris, we took the chunnel to London and met Mima in the lobby of the hotel. It was so great to see her and catch up. We all had dinner together in the hotel and walked around a little bit afterwards, talking about how everyone's doing. She got Max and Gems this really cool puzzle of a photo of them in Disneyland Paris. She told us Umps is recovering well but Larry broke a vertebra in his back which must be so painful for him. Mima belongs here in Europe. She spoke Spanish with one of our waiters, Italian with another, and French with Max and Gems.

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